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Pragathi means progress. Our desire to serve both USA, where we live, and India, where we grew up, led to the

formation of two non-profit organizations working to eradicate non communicable diseases and poverty. We invite you

to check out the following pages and presentations and a comprehensive description of the future projects.


Global Pragathi (USA), (Tax ID: 37-1648736) is involved in the prevention of non-communicable diseases

such as diabetes, high BP, cardiac disease, kidney diseases etc.,associated with lifestyle risk factors,through:

  • Annual Holi Colors 5 K walk/Run in Dayton
  • Monthly Health Strides walk to promote physical exercise
  • VA walking challenge program
  • STOP KIDNEY DISEASE Initiatives through newspaper articles, different programs
  • Volunteering for about 1500 hours in free clinics
  • Supported Reach Out Clinic of Montgomery County
  • Supported Miami Valley Hospital Foundation
  • Supported Children’s Hospital Foundation 
  • Supported Girls on the Run of Dayton
  • Raising childhood obesity awareness in about 100 schools as part of AAPI Task force
  • Educating medical students,fellow physicians and patients daily
  • Collaborating in wellness groups and symposiums
  • Also support poverty alleviation work in different states of India

Pragathi Welfare Society (India), is focussed on poverty alleviation work. Our major programs are in areas of education,women empowerment,youth employment,preventive medicine and community support. Few  of  our  accomplishments are:

  • Supporting13,000 kids in 100 schools to decrease absenteeism, drop out and improve education quality
  • Impacting 7000 indigent, disadvantaged villagers, mostly women in all spheres of life daily
  • Two clean drinking water plants
  • Best school infrastructure in rural Telangana State for over 1000 kids who now have auditoria, classrooms, play-grounds, access to library books, science lab and computer lab. More than 165 bicycles distributed.
  • About 250 sewing machines have been donated for employment of women
  • More than 200 youth, mostly girls sent for skill training programs and about150 youth employed
  • 50 damaged houses have been rebuilt 
  • Working towards open defecation free villages with all houses to have toilets by June 2017
  • Construction of several buildings, classrooms and renovation of other buildings
  • Personal milestones have been converted into celebrations for the villagers through our Gift of Giving program
  • Constant motivation of villagers  through persistent efforts to increase the confidence level in villager
  • Indirectly impacting the lives of millions of indigent people all over the country through collaborations


Please visit the "Major Projects" page for more information: 

Burgula Gram Panchayat of Telangana State development

Kashireddyguda - model village project

Pragathi Rural Development Center will serve as a regional training and livelihoods generation hub

Education Improvement Project  expanded to one hundred villages


Alok and Sangeeta Agrawal

On behalf of ‘Team Pragathi’

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