Holistic Development - Quality Education, Women Empowerment, Youth Employment, Preventive Health Care
Holistic Development - Quality Education, Women Empowerment, Youth Employment, Preventive Health Care
Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement
                 Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement           

Developing a cluster of villages comprehensively into model villages, while helping others in need, eventually contributing towards Global Pragathi (Global Progress)

   Passion * Commitment * Dedication * Innovation * Solutions * Service

A Glimpse into Some of Our Programs Creating Replicable Sustainable Models

(cutting across religious, racial, caste, linguistic, political and socio-economic divides)

SMILES PROGRAM - Unique, comprehensive, preventive health program

SNEHA MENSTRUAL HYGIENE PROGRAM - Awareness of menstrual hygiene and distribution of over a million pads

BHARAT BACHPAN PROGRAM - Prevention of child malnutrition, decreasing morbidity and mortality rates 

AMMA PROGRAM - Healthy Mother, Healthy Child Program;decreasing Infant and Maternal Mortality

INTA INTA PRAGATHI PROGRAM - Promoting progress in every house; extending area of influence to 250 villages  

OPEN DEFECATION FREE VILLAGE PROGRAM - 650 toilets constructed in 10 villages

CLEAN DRINKING WATER PROGRAM - Benefiting 8000 people 

LIVELIHOOD PROGRAM - Trained over 400 youth and women in various skills

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM - 60,000+ women impacted in over 250 villages

MANDAL EDUCATION IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM - Improving parameters in 99 schools

CLEAN AND GREEN VILLAGES PROGRAM - Community-driven litter-free villages

STOP NCDs PROGRAM - Prevention of Diabetes, High BP, Heart disease, Kidney Disease etc. globally


A Testimonial 

"A gradual transformation has ocurred because of committed and dedicated Pragathi volunteers, who work tirelessly and none more so than the President, Dr Alok Agrawal and Secretary Mr Praveen Agarwal. Most importantly, the team works to change the attitudes of indigent villagers, mostly minorities and girls through increased awareness, motivation and persistent support. Pragathi team is always available to empower the local village government. There is a ripple effect in the neighboring villages".   

                                                                                     - Ms B Sumana, Sarpanch (Village Head) Burgula 2014-2019                

        Women Empowerment

             Preventive Health

       Education Improvement

     Powerful Development Tool

       Prevention is better than Cure 

 Ninety-Nine schools with 13,000 kids

          Youth Employment

        Community Involvement

   Infrastructure Development

              Over 400 youth trained                    Behavior change is most important               Over 650 toilets constructed

Pragathi Rural Development Center to Scale Up and Transform Lives in 500 Neighboring Villages 

              Rain Water Harvesting                              Energy Conservation                             Technology- Aided Solutions

        Powerpoint Presentation

                     In the News

    Students appreciation letter

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IRS 501 (C) (3) approved,Tax ID: 37-1648736 (USA) 

Pragathi Welfare Society 80 G, 12 A & FCRA approved (India)    

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