Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement
                 Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement           

Advisory Committee


Dr Sangeeta Agrawal MD, FASGE, FACG, AGAF; head of department of Gastroenterology and Program Director, GI Fellowship at Wright State University, is responsible for implementation of literacy related projects.


Mrs. Dhara Sharma – Administrative Officer, is involved also in women empowerment, finding employment opportunities for the villagers. She helps rural development officer implement projects in the village.


Dr Venkatashiva Reddy MD, Community Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi, is a young public health professional. Dr. Reddy’s priority areas of work are addressing the persisting and emerging challenges in preventive health care and promoting universal health coverage. He is incharge of preventive medicine programs along with Dr Arti Gupta.


Dr Arti Gupta is MD, DNB Community Medicine from AIIMS, New Delhi. Her keys areas of interest are to strengthen health infrastructure, particularly primary health care, and health workforces. She works to improve health within the overall context of social development.


Mr. Ayush Agrawal, Youth Advisor, is studying engineering at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is involved in Clean Drinking Water Project and improvement of literacy.


Ms. Kriti Agrawal, Youth Advisor, is in high school in Dayton, Ohio. She is involved in education related projects.


Dr D. Samarender Reddy, MBBS, MA, is a freelance writer and editor based in Hyderabad, India, whose passions include poetry and philosophy. He is working for Pragathi as a Content Writer, and also shares his ideas and inputs informally with regard to Pragathi's work.


Rural Development Team


Mr. Shankar Yadav, Rural Development Officer of Pragathi Welfare Society. A young lawyer, he is very passionately involved in development of the village. Having grown up in the village, he understands the needs of the community. He implements the projects in the village along with his team.

Mrs. Dena Yadav is in-charge of women empowerment and employment program.


Mr. Ram Chandraiah helps Mr Shankar Yadav with implementation of all the projects. More specifically he is looking after the clean drinking water project.


Ms. Sunita takes care of the library and computer education in high school. Volunteers time as a substitute teacher in high school.

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