Holistic development through quality education, women empowerment, youth employment, preventive health care and community involvement
          Holistic development through quality education, women empowerment, youth employment, preventive health care and community involvement           

Sarpanch Development Fund


India's democratic system along with the large popoulation sometimes results in delay of allocation of the funds for developmental projects.To help fill up the gap between financial requirement for completing a project and getting reimbursed, the concept of Sarpanch Village Development Advance Fund was developed. Pragathi decided to financially empower the local village government working towards the common goal of development.


The creation of this fund serves as a catalyst in growth, eventually helping rapid development of the village. The Sarpanch is authorized to use this amount to complete projects of the village. Once the allocated funds for the purpose are released from the government, the amount is credited back to the account thus enabling continuous progress in the village. Used in line with philosophy of ‘Integrated rural development’ and not for any political or religious gains, the capital will be returned to Pragathi at the end of the village head's term. 


The fund on rotational basis has so far been used for construction of classrooms, improving infrastructure in schools, setting up of water treatment plant, construction of toilets, improving of roads, sewages and street lights.




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