Holistic development through quality education, women empowerment, youth employment, preventive health care and community involvement
          Holistic development through quality education, women empowerment, youth employment, preventive health care and community involvement           

Encouraging Self-Employment


Pragathi is working to increase employment in every possible way. Apart from other ways, we have provided funds to the villagers for self-employment to help:

  • start small general store
  • start a tent business 
  • start a tailoring shop
  • purchase cows


Andaalu and Jangamma have purchased two cows each. Extremely happy, they said, “We have long wanted to own cows but due to shortage of funds we could not. Now with Pragathi's help we have been able to do that. There is a milk collection point in the village. We will sell milk there. We will use them for  ploughing and make some money by lending our cows to farmers for tilling lands. We will make profit gradually and after some time will buy more cattle.”

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