Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement
                 Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement           

Kashireddyguda & Nerallacheruvu as Model Villages

The villagers have resolved to turn Kashireddyguda and Nerallacheruvu into a model village, where everyone is healthy and content. Two hundred families consisting of one thousand people mostly indigent, inhabit Kashireddyguda while 125 families inhabit Nerallacheruvu.


Due to Pagathi’s community capacity building efforts, people of these two villages have signed a resolution, affirming their intention to turn their villages into a model one,cooperate with each other and support Pragathi in its efforts. Our team worked with the villagers to adopt its model of ‘integrated rural development’ through community involvement, education improvement, women empowerment, youth empowerment and preventive healthcare.


Prime and crucial requisite for this to happen is the right mindset of the villagers. Pragathi intends, above all else, to change the mindset and attitudes of the people so that they start believing that with hard work, dedication and right knowledge they can achieve anything. We will also make the villagers seek out new information and knowledge whenever they face a problem, from officials and other knowledgeable people. Also, we will get them to meet regularly to discuss their day-to-day issues and problems so that they can jointly come to an understanding of the problems and thereby resolve them.


Apart from above, a few other important steps taken by us are:


  • Building our own team's capacity
  • Community capacity building
  • Solid waste management program
  • Village clean-up program
  • Clean drinking water plant installation (second one in the panchayat)
  • Construction of Aanganwadi building for maternal and child care
  • Construction of two-storey building for self-help group meetings and training
  • Construction of additional 45 toilets to make it open defecation free
  • Construction of a office-cum-residence building for our development officer
  • Improvement of primary school and improved quality of education
  • Planting of trees 
  • Water conservation 
  • Improved drainages
  • Aiding in construction of the roads


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