Eliminating Illiteracy


"Literacy is the bridge from misery to hope.”


                                                       — Kofi Annan


About 1000 students study in Telugu and English Medium in one high school, an upper primary school and six primary schools in Burgula.  Prior to our involvement in Burgula, there were no toilets, and not enough classrooms, desks and chairs in the schools. Some children walked 2-3 kilometers daily to school. We have improved the infrastructure and quality of education. Our actions are inspired by Mandela who said “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  


Our key accomplishments include:

  • Constructing a Mini auditorium,classrooms,out door stage and toilets
  • Computer literacy in the high school and primary schools
  • Footwear provided to students
  • Starting a science lab in the high school
  • Starting a library in all area schools
  • Providing over 200 bicycles to school children
  • Desks and chairs for all kids, providing books
  • Fans in every classroom
  • Improving the quality of mid-day meals
  • Recognition of students with good academic performance
  • School premises and toilets clean up program
  • Improving english education
  • Providing sports equipment and dresses
  • Conducting science exhibitions and cultural activities
  • Exposure to programs in the city
  • Encouraging teachers and employing volunteer teachers 
  • The local government authorities influenced by our actions added classrooms, and built toilets in school. 
  • Providing clean drinking water daily
  • Menstual Hygiene Program
  • Supplementary Classes
  • Door to door campaign for 'literacy for all'
  • SET Orientation Program
  • Science Project by Mr. Srinivas
  • Digitalization of schools


Please go to One Day in the Life of a Burgula School Kid to learn more about the impact our programs have had in the lives of Burgula's residents.


“Mass illiteracy is India’s sin and shame and must be liquidated,” said Mahatma Gandhi. We are confident that this generation of kids will be equipped with the most powerful tool called ‘literacy’ which will eventually change misery to hope for the villagers.



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