Preventive Medicine


“Prevention is better than cure.”


                                 - Desiderius Erasmus



The local conditions arising out of poverty are largely responsible for vast majority of illnesses resulting in further decreased efficiency and productivity. Our main emphasis is on providing clean drinking water and improving sanitation.Currently, the four major programs likely to  have a big impact on health care are:



Other projects have been done in following areas:

  • Eye Camps, glasses distribution and cataract surgeries
  • Asthma and allergies camp in July 2015
  • Dental hygiene program for school children
  • Periodic hemoglobin checks for children
  • Sports equipment and uniforms to encourage healthy habits in kids
  • Conducting blood donation camps
  • Assisting healthcare professionals implement government programs effectively
  • Educating villagers about the importance of immunization
  • Alcohol cessation program
  • Providing clean drinking water in Rural Health Center
  • Providing computer to rural health worker
  • Empowering rural health workers
  • World Diabetes Day 2015



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