Open-Defecation-Free Village


  1. A recent survey showed that 485 houses in Burgula did not have toilets. The Government provides Rupees 12000 per family after they construct the toilet. The poor villagers do not have enough finances to build the toilet on their own. Also, the size of the toilet is too small or the quality of construction is not good enough.

   2. To solve the problem, we were involved in:

  • Preparing educational posters and material in local language
  • Massive door to door campaign, small community meetings to educate people
  • Meetings with village leaders to ensure proper usage after construction
  • Construction of new toilets and maintainence of old toilets
  • Convincing government to release partial payments before the construction
  • We committed an additional Rupees 4000 per toilet; a total of Rupees 22 lakhs
  • Convince the villagers to provide Rupees 1500 worth labor
  • Made plans to ensure proper usage subsequently  
  • Building a bathroom also by increasing the size
  • Included wash basin and soap holder
  • Plastering of the walls, painting walls and improving quality of the door

     3. Costs:

  • Cost per toilet is an estimated Rupees 17500 or approximately $280   
  • This includes contribution of Rs 12000 by Government, Rs 4000 by us and Rs 1500 by villagers
  • An estimated Rupees 1200 per toilet is spent in educating the villagers and ensuring subsequent proper usage
  • In all, this is a Rupees 1 crore ($154,000) project
  • Pragathi is contributing approximately Rs 27 lakhs ($40,000)


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