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Healthy Lifestyles

Our programs promote healthy lifestyles to combat Non-Communicable Diseases



Supporting Veterans

Programs to support our Veterans



Community Efforts

Deeply involved in efforts to support the community



Combating NCDs


We are passionately committed to the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, high BP, cardiac disease, kidney disease, etc., associated with lifestyle risk factors.  An estimated $47 trillion is required globally to deal with NCDs by 2030 (UN, Sep 2011). About 70% of deaths and 75% of medical expenses in the United States result from lifestyle behaviors (New England Journal of Medicine, Sep 2012). Obesity is one of the major culprits in this alarming situation. Around 68% of adult Americans are obese. The adult obesity rates in the US have doubled, while childhood rates have tripled from 1980 to 2010. The only cost-effective and highly efficacious solution is increased activity in the form of exercise and a healthy diet. Since sedentary habits and unhealthy diets are well entrenched in the lifestyles of majority of Americans, it is hard to dislodge these behaviors. Hence, we have adopted a multi-pronged approach to tackle these twin scourges, such as:

  1. Promoting physical exercise:
  • Organizing of an annual Holi Colors 5 K Walk/Run in Dayton, Ohio
  • Monthly Health Strides Walk in Dayton, Ohio
  • VA walking programs
  • Supporting Girls on the Run of Dayton program, DWTC and Bicycles for All
  1. Raising awareness of healthy lifestyle:
  • Raising awareness on childhood obesity
  • Supporting Children’s Hospital Foundation to prevent childhood obesity
  • Supporting Miami Hospital Foundation to support healthy lifestyle
  • Supporting National Kidney Foundation programs to prevent kidney disease onset, progression etc,.
  • Educating medical students, fellow physicians and patients daily in prevention of chronic illnesses
  • Talks in the community
  • Publishing articles in newspapers and other media, including this website, which educate the general public and also physicians on the prevention aspects of NCDs
  • Several STOP NCDs initiatives
  • Volunteering in free clinics
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