Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement
                 Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement           

                    Empowering Our Community

Active Dayton Programs 2020


Donated $5000 to FLOC for a collaborative food drive program during COVID-19. Food bank provides groceries, meals, essential items and school supplies to thousands of people in Dayton community area


CONNECT offers you two programs:

1) Harmony: will navigate you through this process with a series of videos to train and educate the mind. 2) Virtual Club: offers free interactive meetings with a trained guide to help you through this process and answer your questions.




An innovative art program to introduce young children to the world of Art. Kids will learn art from the 1800s to the present times by exploring about 12 artists. The course will be conducted online by a local artist, Dr. Hyacinth Paul, and the art kit will be provided by Global Pragathi.

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Healthy Lifestyles

Our programs promote healthy lifestyles to combat Non-Communicable Diseases



Supporting Veterans

Programs to support our Veterans



Community Efforts

Deeply involved in efforts to support the community programs



  • Organizing annual Holi Colors 5 K Walk/Run in Dayton, Ohio
  • At Miami Valley Foundation created Chronic Kidney Disease Fund in 2007
  • Supported Chidrens Hospital Foundation
  • Supporting homeless and other indigent Veterans
  • Member of 100 plus Men group
  • Member of 100 plus Women group
  • Annual Poker Walk for Veterans
  • Raising awareness of childhood obesity in USA through AAPI
  • Supporting Children’s Hospital Foundation to prevent childhood obesity
  • National Kidney Foundation programs to prevent kidney disease
  • Part of several organizations in the USA
  • Promote healthy lifestyle in the community 
  • Publishing articles in newspapers and other media to educate the public about prevention aspects of Non-Communicable Diseases
  • Partnering with Dayton community organizations such as Dayton Wolverines Track Club, Floc, Bicycles for All, Girls on the Run
  • COVID-19 Relief Efforts
  • Support several other organizations - AHA, MOD, LLS, AAPI, GMCGA, EVF
  • Several STOP NCDs initiatives
  • Volunteering in free clinics in past
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