Holistic development through quality education, women empowerment, youth employment, preventive health care and community involvement
          Holistic development through quality education, women empowerment, youth employment, preventive health care and community involvement           


'STOP' Non-communicable Chronic Diseases (NCDs)

  • 70% of deaths and 75% of medical expenses in the United States result from lifestyle behaviors (Sep '12 NEJM). 
  • An estimated $47 trillion is required globally to deal with NCDs by 2030 (Sep 2011, UN).
  • 68% of adult Americans are obese. The adult obesity rates have doubled, while childhood rates have tripled from 1980 to 2010.
  • The only cost-effective solution to this complex global problem, a result of several factors, lies increased activity and healthy diet.
  • We educate communities on the preventable link between unhealthy lifestyles and NCDs. We support all other individuals and organizations in their endeavors to deal with this global pandemic.


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