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Youth Council

Kriti Agrawal, President of the youth council, is in high school. She has been very actively involved in rural development projects in India for the last four years. She is passionate about preventive health care and is involved in sanitation improvement project in the village. She has also collaborated with Gandhi Medical College Global Alliance to volunteer and execute projects in health care area at Gandhi Hospital in summer of 2015.

Ayush Agrawal, Vice President of the youth council, is studying engineering at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. His development and implementation of graduation gift idea will impact education of thousands of kids over time. He is looking after the engineering and employment generation aspects of the clean drinking water project. He volunteered at hospice program in the Veteran's hospital for over three hundred hours during his high school years.

Shubhi Pathak, Secretary of the youth council, is a high school student in California. She is also a volunteer for Breathe California, an organization dedicated to helping people have healthy lungs. She regularly volunteers for 'Counseling Leadership Against Smoking Pressures' (CLASP), an anti-tobacco advocacy program. This program utilizes high-school students to educate middle school students on smoking issues. She has also worked as a counselor at the annual Asthma Camp conducted by Breathe California. In summer of 2015, she took the anti smoking program to India

Mukund Srinivas, Vice President of youth council and Adminstrative Officer for Global Pragathiworks on the preventive health arm of Global Pragathi to increase the awareness of the link with between lifestyle modification and chronic diseases. He also helps with administrative issues and maintenance of the web site. He has actively worked, on behalf of Global Pragathi, to organize the 5K walk/run in 2015. He also volunteers at a clinic for the indigent patients in Dayton.

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