Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement
                 Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement           


Dignity by Empowering Women

Health Care

Combating Chronic Diseases


Progress through Education

Combating Poverty, Illiteracy and Disease

                                   Pragathi means progress


Our desire to serve both USA, where we live, and India, where we grew up, led to the formation of two non-profit organizations.We invite you to check out the following pages and watch the presentations for a more comprehensive description of the projects.


Global Pragathi (USA) is involved in the prevention of non- communicable diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac disease, kidney disease linked to lifestyle risk factors in the US. To increase awareness of this link we have initiated a movement in the community through:


  • Educating medical students,fellow physiciansand patients
  • Community walks-5 K,HealthStrides,VA walking challenge
  • Collaborating in wellness groups and symposiums
  • Starting STOP initiatives
  • Writing newspaper articles
  • Community talks and discussions
  • Volunteering about1500 hoursin free clinics
  • Supporting Miami Valley and Children’s Hospital Foundations
  • Supporting Montgomery County public health department, and
  • Raising childhood obesity awareness in about 100 schools, etc.
  • Global Pragathi also supports poverty alleviation work in different states of India.


Pragathi Welfare Society (India) has a unique comprehensive and integrated development programin the Telangana State. We focus a lot on changing the mindset of villagers and building their confidence level to sustain the development. Our accomplishments are a result of teamworkamongdedicated board members, advisors and volunteers. Some of the media-coveredachievements are:


  • Directly impacted the lives of about 7000 indigent villagers
  • About 1000 kidsnow have classrooms, playgrounds, access to library books, science lab, computer lab, and other facilities
  • About 250 sewing machines have been donated for employment of women
  • 7000 people now have access to clean drinking water
  • About 800 houses now have toilets
  • About 150 youth have found employment
  • More than 50 girls sent for skill training programs
  • 50 damaged houses have been rebuilt
  • Creating caste and gender equality in the community
  • Some of the personal milestones have been converted into celebrations for the villagers through our Gift of Giving program
  • Through partnerships and collaborations, impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of indigent people in different parts of India


Apart from this, we have expanded our efforts to Gandhi Medical College. Our recent efforts are directed towards expansion of projects in the field of education, skill training for youth, and sharing best practices with about 100 neighboring villages and hamlets. We have also embarked on a mission to develop Kashireddyguda into a model village. We believe firmly that all preventable non-communicable illnesses and poverty should be wiped out at the earliest. We request individuals, organizations, corporations and government to support our efforts in order to reach out to many more needy people cutting across regional, linguistic and religious barriers.


Alok and Sangeeta Agrawal

On behalf of ‘Team Pragathi’

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