Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement
                 Quality Education * Women Empowerment * Youth Employment * Preventive Health Care * Community Involvement           

COVID-19 Relief Efforts

* There is immense need to provide help to the underprivileged to avoid starvation.

*Provided 6500 kits consisting of food grains and essential commodities to 6500      indigent families and migrant workers (estimated 25,000 people) so far.

* Each kit to last one week atleast.

* Collaborative effort to provide support to foodbanks in the USA. 

* Cotton mask production started in the villages for community protection.

* The production helps with providing livelihood to villagers without jobs currently.

* We have covered a population of 100,000 in rural areas.

* Increased awareness of hand washing and social distancing in rural areas.

* Collaborated with GMCGA to provide protective masks and equipment in              Gandhi Hospital.

* Active on several other platforms.

* Needs Assessment ongoing to provide further support



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