Global Pragathi's (Progress) Mission is to Reduce Poverty through *Improving Educational Opportunities * Women Empowerment, * Employable Youth * Preventive Health Care * Infrastructure Development, and * Getting Everyone On - Board in the Community
            Global Pragathi's (Progress) Mission is to Reduce Poverty through *Improving Educational     Opportunities * Women Empowerment, * Employable Youth * Preventive Health Care       * Infrastructure Development, and * Getting Everyone On - Board in the Community             

                             Eliminating Illiteracy


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  - Nelson Mandela



There were no toilets, and not enough classrooms, and no desks and chairs in the schools. Some children walked barefoot 2-3 km daily to school. Pragathi improved the quality of educational opportunities and experience for close to 1000 children in Burgula on every front.


Subsequently extended these activities to 13,000 children in 99 schools of neighboring villages. Some activities have thus far included:



  • Increasing enrolment / Decreasing absenteeism and dropouts: Door-to-door campaigns for 'Literacy for All' to motivate the parents and students. 
  • Improving amenities: Provided desks and chairs, fans, footwear, safe drinking water, sports equipment, dresses, and bicycles to school kids, improved quality of mid-day meals, started school clean-up program. 
  • Improving infrastructure: Constructed a Mini Auditorium, several classrooms, outdoor stage, and toilets
  • Providing Digital Literacy: Benefiting thousands since January 2013
  • Starting Libraries in 99 schools
  • Science lab started in one of the high schools
  • Encouraging students: Awards for good academic performance
  • Scholarships for higher studies
  • Career Counseling 
  • Additional support:  English improvement, supplemental classes, conducting science exhibitions and cultural activities, Sneha menstrual hygiene program, SET Orientation Program
  • Swachh Patshala Award to Kashireddyguda primary school for the cleanest primary school in the state of Telangana, creating a great model.

One Day in the Life of a Burgula School Kid explains the impact on students.


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