Global Pragathi's (Progress) Mission is to Reduce Poverty through *Improving Educational Opportunities * Women Empowerment, * Employable Youth * Preventive Health Care * Infrastructure Development, and * Getting Everyone On - Board in the Community
            Global Pragathi's (Progress) Mission is to Reduce Poverty through *Improving Educational     Opportunities * Women Empowerment, * Employable Youth * Preventive Health Care       * Infrastructure Development, and * Getting Everyone On - Board in the Community             


July 20th, 2017 distribution of bicycles and interaction with students  


To facilitate students coming from nearby  villages to reach school on time and regularly. Total of 250 bicycles have been distributed. A remarkable change in the attendance of the students has been seen after this initiative was started. Several members of Pragathi addressed the school children in the assembly promising them all help and discussing new initiatives to improve quality of education.


Recognizing  the efforts of Dr Agrawal and his team in the village and especially for the improvement of education, the school authorities and the students received his family with garlands and great pomp. After the distribution of bicycles, PWS Youth Council members also interacted with the students and exchanged ideas and views with them.



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