Global Pragathi's (Progress) Mission is to Reduce Poverty through *Improving Educational Opportunities * Women Empowerment, * Employable Youth * Preventive Health Care * Infrastructure Development, and * Getting Everyone On - Board in the Community
            Global Pragathi's (Progress) Mission is to Reduce Poverty through *Improving Educational     Opportunities * Women Empowerment, * Employable Youth * Preventive Health Care       * Infrastructure Development, and * Getting Everyone On - Board in the Community             

                     Integrated Rural Development

  • Burgula has three villages - Burgula, Kasireddyguda and Nerella Cheruvu. 
  • There are seven tribal areas - Kadiyalakunta, Thimmajipally, Pothurajugadda, Muchoniguda, Devunigundu, Kundelukunta and Nallamettala.
  • For 7000 people agriculture or agri-labor is the main source of income. Most residents of the village work for daily wages in fields,industries close by or on poultry farms. One small-scale cotton industry in the village employs about 20 people. 
  • Pragathi employs twenty volunteers with deep understanding of local conditions to run our daily operations. Majority of projects are completed by local people, thereby helping growth in local economy. The projects are implemented in cost-effective manner.
  • Please click here to see a video about the Burgula Projects 


      Five key areas for integrated development are:


      Education Improvement   


      Women Empowerment


      Youth Employment  


      Healthcare Improvement


      Community Involvement



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